A21 Full HD MPEG4 Set Top Box Buy online at Best Price


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A21 Full HD MPEG4 Set Top Box Buy online at Best Price


4000 Channels Capacity

Support MPEG-2/MPEG-4/H.264 Technology

Support Diseqc Switch 4 Port/8 Ports

Support Full HD 1080p 60hz Resolution.

Enjoy HD Channels

Store upto 1500 Transponders

Support YouTube

Wi-Fi/Internet/Mobile Hotspot Available

Channel Recording Facility Available.

InBox: Set Top Box X1, Remote X1, Adopter X1, and AV Cable X1.


This is to bring to the attention of all, that,

this Digital I.. Box comes with the Operating

Software of its own and any alternation of

the Operating Software or the Hardware will

render the Warranty VOID and the Manufacturer

and Sellers will NOT be Responsible for any

use of the box with the Modified or the Altered


The use of this Digital I.T. Box is limited to

the Software as provided with the Box. The

Manufacturer and Sellers will not be in any

manner responsible for any use of the Digital

IT. box without the Intended Software.


* Warranty will be VOID if customer

downloads illegal software/makes changes

in software or tempers or breaks the

warranty seal.

* Company will not be responsible if

customer watches illegal channels or does

illegal activity.

Payment Options

Pay Cash on Delivery (200/- extra)* Charges online, Pay Full Payment


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